Social Media Management


Okay, so you have a great website.

The next step is to make sure people actually find and access your website.

Not only do we want to help drive traffic to your website, but we also want to ensure that your brand, your name, your services are constantly being seen by prospective customers.


Our social media management services are straightforward, affordable, and effective. In years past, a business would need to hire an employee dedicated to social marketing. This can be expensive and inefficient. But by hiring us, you have a once per month flat fee and know exactly what you are receiving. By outsourcing your social media marketing needs to our team, you can be confident that your business expenses are being allocated efficiently.

Social Media Management

Our social media management services are very straightforward. Business owners and entrepreneurs are busy people and don't have time to do what is necessary to manage a winning social media strategy. And hiring a full time marketing employee can be expensive. Cut down on your costs by outsourcing it all to our team! We do everything required to maintain an active social media presence. This includes:

  • Scheduled posting to each of your accounts 
  • Calls to action to visit your site, shop in your store, read a blogpost, etc.
  • Promoting your content purposefully and strategically
  • Interacting with other pages
  • Replying to customers and commenters professionally and friendlily
  • Creating and using relevant hashtags and trends
  • Producing holistic analytics reports 


$350-$500/month for first network

$150/month for each additional

Social Media Springboard

Our Social Media Springboard is intended to completely revamp and give a breath of fresh air to our client's entire online digital identity. It's more than just social media in the narrow sense, but social media is the core because social media is one of the most vital aspects of a business' online identity. Our process is to get our hands dirty digging deep into the foundation of every single one of your social media accounts so that your online image can be completely refreshed and made anew. If you don't have a social media presence, you are in the envied position of being able to do everything right the first time.

Our intention is to transform the way you present yourself so that you look more impressive than your competitors, show up first on local web searches for your services or products, and gives you an image of confidence and expertise in whatever industry you participate.

We get into all of the following (and much more):

  • Business descriptions
  • Mottos
  • Social Media URLs/handles/page names
  • Images
  • Logos
  • Listed locations/addresses (displayed maps)



(We also have a month-to-month payment plan, if you need it: add 10% to total)

Premium "Esotechnics" SEO Package

The best SEO strategyWe are proud to feature the Esotechnics brand SEO package for our SEO related solutions. This service consists of a sit down session wherein we conduct a discovery process to determine which keywords and phrases are important to the client's brand and identity. We then initiate a holistic web presence audit to uncover the current keywords that are employed across your entire online presence; from social media to websites to review sites. Finally, we compare the ideal set of keywords with the current keywords to see where the latter is lacking. We call the difference between the two the "digital spread."

After we have completed this, we move on to the necessary steps to get your SEO strategy up and running. We give you analytics, competitor comparison's, industry insights, meta tagging aid, and perhaps most important for small and local businesses, our front page takeover strategy. To find out more, please contact us today.


$350-$750 per package

Social Media and SEO Training

The concept behind our trainings is simply to take everything that we do for clients, and teach their team how to do it themselves. Every business model is different and each management team must decide for themselves whether SEO and social media activities, which are definitely ongoing efforts, should be outsourced or kept in house. If the former, these trainings are probably not intended for you.

But if you would rather have your team trained to do all that is required for a healthy SEO and social media strategy, we would love to provide to you one of our five hour trainings that can be split up anywhere from one to four days. During our trainings, which are conveniently conducted via the internet, we share our screen and systematically go through everything that you need to know! These trainings will all be recorded and given to you for future reference and for training future employees.

We cover everything. Seriously. From how to schedule Facebook posts and Tweets to running ad campaigns and managing social media software. We also go over, how each social network needs to be leveraged, what tools are effective, and case studies of activities that work and those that don't. Please contact us for more information.



(Month-to-month payment plan: add 10% to total fee)