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photo-1454165804606-c3d57bc86b40Engel Bros offers a range of premier packaged and a La Carte web presence solutions for our clients– and we are always adding more.

From website creation and management to social media content and training, we have it on the forefront of our minds that our clients must have a modern and professional online presence.

It must not only appeal to the eye, but it should also be effective enough to accomplish the goals and objectives that we develop with the client.


Web Design

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The website is often the first experience that a potential client or customer has with a business or organization. Not on that, but it is also an ongoing presence in their relationship with the business. The customer constantly reflects on what he thinks of the business based solely on the website experience, comparing it to competitor’s site and weighing whether the visit was a sheer headache, or whether it was pleasant. This is the reality of websites in the 21st century. Your website is everything. It can literally mean life or death for the business.

photo-1414690165279-49ab0a9a7e66Our website design clients come to us out of a variety of situations, from needing a first time site to needing a ground up revamp. They do this because they understand the importance of having a bold, modern web presence in a modern age. And that’s exactly what we do. We sit down with you to get an understanding of your vision and we offer insight and feedback and work together to build something remarkable.

The website that we construct for you will have all the required features to make it stand out. From high resolution images to seamless functionality to effective layouts, we are confident that you will be proud to showcase your website to all current and potential customers and visitors. You can see a handful of our past projects by clicking here, and you can also fill out this form to have a demo made for your site.



SEO and Social: Complete Online Solutions

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SEO and Social Media services are intended to not just attract “as many people as possible” but more purposefully, to attract “the right audiences.” This is done by taking advantage of all the (relevant) social networks, Google algorithms, and synchronizing the website’s keywords with industry specific phraseology.


Our social media management services are straightforward, affordable, and effective. In years past, a business would need to hire an employee dedicated to social marketing. This can be expensive and inefficient. But by hiring us, you have a once per month flat fee and know exactly what you are receiving. By outsourcing your social media marketing needs to our team, you can be confident that your business expenses are being allocated efficiently.

SEO, though often misunderstood, is an important aspect of one’s online presence. The goal of an SEO strategy is to leverage the power of search engines to attract the attention of millions of consumers, not only around the world generally, but also specific areas of people depending on where you are. The internet is not just for national or global businesses. It is also a key tool for local business who depend on online ratings, reviews, and name recognition within their own community.


Website Hosting and Management

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One of our more popular services, our on going and affordable website management touches at the heart of everything we try to be for our clients: a one-stop resource for everything related to our client’s web presence needs.

Our goal is to offer an alternative to the costly expense of an in-house webmaster. As such, through our various website management plans we will ensure that the most basic and too-often ignored website tasks are all taken care of.

There are way too many company sites out there that have dead links, broken images, low security, and monumentally expensive hosting! These aspects of a poorly functioning website can severely damage the experience that a potential customers goes through and ultimately, will discourage far more people from using that company’s services.

With the Engel Bros team, you will always have us available to answer questions, provide updates, and keep your site’s experience fresh and enjoyable. For a low monthly fee, you’ll never have to sweat about stuff or spend valuable time on the phone with tech support teams! We’ve got you covered!


Online Copywriting and Content

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As the era of Press Releases comes to a quiet and unnoticed close (Is the Press Release Dead or Alive?), it is more important than ever that business owners shift with the market to develop and create the best possible content. Web content needs to capture the distracted attention of a 21st century audience that processes what they see within the span of 5 seconds. And yet, it must be meaningful, clearly communicative of the heart of the message.

photo-1473186505569-9c61870c11f9This means that every article published, every blog zinged across social networks, every Tweet and Facebook post, must all be purposeful and strategic. No wasted word and at the right time of the day. Captivating, yet consistent with the SEO plan.

Engel Bros offers such content services that stems from a one-time development of the wording and phrases for website pages to consistent and timely blogging services to a package of email templates for all your customer service needs. We write everything for you, taking into consideration your business culture, your customer base, and your SEO and social media strategies.