Who we are

-We've been doing stuff together our whole lives-

Engel Bros is a collaborative effort between brothers C.Jay and Corey Engel. Fascinated and obsessed with entrepreneurial opportunities, we decided to put our heads together to offer services that we've done individually in the past. This way, we can take the best of both worlds, sprinkle in a handful of other team members to help us go above and beyond, and offer everything we've got to our wonderful clients.

Corey Engel
C.Jay Engel


What we do

-Web Design & Services-

Engel Bros seeks to provide web related services and content for clients of all sorts. We do everything from web design and social media strategies to online content and copywriting. Led by C.Jay and Corey, we have a team of dedicated members who work hard to provide for the client's needs and to guide them through their online presence needs.

Everything we do is personalized and created for the exact needs of the clients; we either do a sit down or video conferencing session to get to know them and their brand as intricately as possible. We go through a detailed set of questions and information gathering so that our end product becomes a natural component of everything else the client seeks to display. 

Please see our services page for more.