Online Copywriting and Content


As the era of the old-fashioned Press Release comes to a quiet and unnoticed close (Is the Press Release Dead or Alive?), it is more important than ever that business owners shift with the market to develop and create the best possible content. Web content needs to capture the distracted attention of a 21st century audience that processes what he sees within the span of 5 seconds. And yet, it must be meaningful, clearly communicative of the heart of the message.

This means that every article published, every blog zinged across social networks, every Tweet and Facebook post, must all be purposeful and strategic. No wasted word and at the right time of the day. Captivating, yet consistent with the SEO plan.

Engel Bros offers such content services from a one-time development of the wording and phrases for website pages to consistent and timely blogging services to a package of email templates for all your customer service needs. We write everything for you, taking into consideration your business culture, your customer base, and your SEO and social media strategies.

Within the Digital Content service category, we offer the following:

Complete website content revamp

In doing a complete website content revamp, we start at square one and move forward through each of your website pages and social media accounts to completely rewrite, edit, and touch up wherever necessary. We understand how important it is to ensure that the content on your website accurately reflects the image and message you need to convey. 

Our online copywriting services take into account your SEO strategy, whether we helped you with this strategy or not. It is important that there is a uniform style and substance across your website, physical material, and social media. We will work with you to develop each page from the page title, to the images, to the phraseology and flow. We always have in mind your brand, your keywords, Google's ever-changing algorithm, and even your outgoing links.


$75/page ($250 minimum)

Personalized template package

Note: these templates are intended for routine and daily customer communication-- if you are looking for items such as marketing letters or event announcements, see the options in the bottom tab.

Our personalized customer engagement email templates are created just for you and include everything from routine sales letters, follow up messages, bill reminders, and letters of appreciation. Just as everything else we do when it comes to content generation, we will work to ensure we have a great grasp on your company culture and image so as to maintain the required consistency to presence.

Complete list of templates coming soon.


25 templates for $250

In-depth articles

In-depth articles can be used for a variety of different purposes and they serve the function of offering a professional and long-form body of rich content that demonstrates the intelligence of your site. These articles are focused on making a contribution to your image and branding by convincing the reader that you or your business are experts in a given field or industry. Thus, they need to include some research, personal insight, and have an intentional SEO element. This latter characteristic of these articles is especially vital when it comes to attracting new clients and customers as Google tends to favor these "long form" article types, according to data from SEMRush.


1500+ words: $675

2500+ words: $950

Blog posts

Blog posts come in different flavors and styles, but they are generally distinct from the in-depth article in that blogposts need to be quick, succinct, and mindful to the fleeting attention of the reader. Their primary goal is to serve as a marketing tool, to attract people to the website from social media platforms and other places around the internet. These blog posts can consist of anything from swift, easy-to-read "list posts" to observational topics that really attract the interest of current and potential readers. These posts are more frequent than articles and can be easily Tweeted and shared on Facebook or Google+.


50-250 word announcements: $50

250+ word blog posts: $100

500+ word blog posts: $175